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Business Finance and Corporate Value

The primary goal of business finance is to maximise corporate value while also reducing a firm’s financial risk. Whether you are starting a business, expanding it or investing in it to keep it competitive you are going to need finance help at some stage of your business venture. Funding is one of the main keys to success in business and without the correct form and the right amount your venture is most likely to fail.

You may need to cover day-to-day expenses or you might need to cover the cost of new equipment. There are a lot of aspects within your company that will cost and that will need to be covered by funding; the rent or mortgage on your premises, all of the equipment that you will need to get your business going, all of your bills for the first few months and all of your staff wages. The finance that you gain will be used to pretty much run your company for the first few months of it being in existence, which is why it is so important that you get the right amount of finance to ensure you can run your venture.

When you are looking and seeking out your funding there are many avenues that are open to you such as the following:

o Loans

o Overdrafts

o Credit cards

o Family and friends

o Government grants

o Business angels

o Venture capitalists

When you are choosing and applying for your finance it is important that you keep the people who matter in the know and that you ensure you recognise the needs of people involved in your business, for example banks and the Inland Revenue, if you keep people informed they are more likely to be sympathetic to your needs. You should also aim to raise more cash than you need that way you can rest assure that all of your business expenses will be taken care of as the last thing you want to be doing is going back to your money lender and asking for more money.

If you are about to approach an avenue for capital, stop! Do you have your business plan? Your plan is a written statement of intent, it details everything that you want from your business and how you intend on achieving it. One of the sections within your plan will detail your financial forecast. It will describe all of your financial outgoings and how you intend on funding your business, which will include how much capital you are hoping to gain from which ever financial avenue you approach. Your business plan will demonstrate what you require your finance for. It will show why you need the amount that you do and how you intend to spend it. If your finance is coming from aspects such as a bank loan, which will need to be paid back, your business plan will describe how it will be repaid.

Business finance is what will make or break your business so it is essential that you get it right first time.

Free Online Business – How To Quickly Start A Free Online Business

If you are short on money, here is the best way to
start a free online business and do it quickly.

Just because you are starting a free online business
does not mean you have to take a back seat to all the
other businesses who have snappy websites and great

You can do the same thing and do it without any money
out of your pocket. Now you will still need to invest
something, and that something is your time.

So let’s get your free online business off the ground
and making you some profits.

You are going to be selling affiliate products. These
products are created by other people. You will get a
commission on each sale you make.

And the best part about this is you have a free online
business so each sale you make is pure profit.

First you will want to go to “”

There you will notice thousands of products that you
can sell and make some nice profits from. Take some
time to search through them.

Even though you have a free online business you now
have an endless supply of products to make money on.

Pick out a minimum of five products that get’s you

Make sure to sign up for your free affiliate account
while you are there. You will be paid every two weeks
by check for all sales you make.

Once you have your five products ready, you want to
sit down and write three articles on each product for
a total of fifteen articles.

Yes you have a free online business and you need some
advertising if you are going to make sales. Articles
are a great way for you to get thousands of dollars in
free ads.

Anyway, your articles should be around three hundred
and fifty words each and contain useful and helpful
information on your product topics.

Now go to “” and sign up for a free
account there. This is where you will submit your

You will use your “resource box” at the end of the
article as a small advertisement for your product.

Just include your affiliate link in the resource
box and submit your articles. Within a day or two
you should start seeing some traffic to the
affiliate products that you wrote on.

You are now running a free online business that will
eventually start bringing you in profits.

All you have to do is keep writing and submitting
new articles each week and your free online business
will become a real money maker.

Trustworthy Support for Your Small Business

Small business owners wear all the hats required by their operation, and for many, that’s part of the fun. Who wants to do the same thing every day? Besides, you’re a holistic thinker, you like to keep your attention on the big picture, your finger in every pie.

Because you’re excited about your product or service, and even more importantly because you’re a wide-angle thinker, your business is doing okay, maybe even well. If you’ve been at it a while, perhaps you really take pride in its smooth operation; and when you hit any bumps in the road, you’re ready for them. You may even venture to say that you feel fulfilled, connected, and satisfied.

On the other hand, perhaps you’re just starting a new business, or you’ve been struggling to get one off the ground, or maybe you’ve been noticing declining sales, not to mention your own declining energy in a business you’ve had for some time. For just about everyone, there comes a point in your career when you’re working hard at something and you’re dedicated to it, but somehow you do not feel fulfilled, connected, or satisfied.

You could use some support. How ridiculous that this is not everyone’s first thought when personally perplexed in any way. We carry some ancient taboo against asking for help. Rather than seek assistance, people will assume tons of guilt over the fear that they’re not capable of doing it all themselves. If this describes you, here’s a news flash for you: No Man or Woman is an Island! You may feel like one, but that’s an illusion.

Finally – or better, right in synch with your business plan timeline – you decide to get that support. You think about hiring employees. The logic appears to be seamless: I will pay people to be at my place of business and do work for me. This will reduce my work load and support the health and growth of my business.

This system has been in place from time immemorial, although there’s always been an inherent flaw. The business owner replaces his/her previous work load with new tasks associated with staff management; and though the return on your hiring investment can benefit your bottom line, is it by a convincing margin?

The problem is that an employee’s self-image differs so widely from the business owner’s that there’s little realistic hope of shared conviction about the business. An employee is supported by you; it is not a situation in which, technically speaking, you are supported by them. Your employees may like you, be respectful and skilled, and fulfill your work needs well, and still not be a support to you beyond the specifics of their job description.

Nor should you, the business owner, expect any more. As one who has endured the rigors of business start-up, you should know that what it takes to own the operation is entirely removed from what it takes to be an employee. Your fundamental motivations and personality types are very different.

Instead of hiring a traditional employee, think about the merits of working with a virtual assistant (VA) for your small business. A VA is a business owner just like you, and understands what it is to be self-employed.

Though many VAs specialize, for the most part a VA is not a coach, or consultant, or therapist. But because you and the VA are collegial small business owners, you may well come to rely on this relationship for the motivational, organizational, and even emotional support it can provide.

A VA accomplishes administrative tasks for you through an independent B2B contract; and if you work over time with one, not only will your work get done professionally, but the VA will likely also become a virtual partner in your business! You can turn to him/her for advice, friendship, and peer feedback almost as you would with an honest-to-goodness partner.

VAs often declare: My success is your success. VAs encourage a cooperative market, where everyone wins. Go ahead, get online and find a virtual assistant company that looks right for you. The internet connects islands to one another!