Out of the Gates and Running – Online

WOW! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I reflect on what has happened to me and what I’ve experienced in this past month.

On February 8 I joined my first Internet Marketing business without a clue as to what I was getting myself into. To say I was overwhelmed out of the gates, in fact through the first 2 weeks would be an understatement. I have entered into the abyss, the great unknown in relation to my understanding of running a business online not to mention selling products as well.

I checked out at least 20 businesses, many claiming the same things; you’ve heard them before. “Join us, we’ll make you a Millionaire in your first 6 months!” or “plug into our system and your computer will literally start spitting out 100 dollar bills”. Well I’ve been down that road before in the 80′s and 90′s with MLM companies and the such, and if I learned one thing its that No Effort=No Reward, so there was no way I was going to fall for those empty claims.

After a few months of toying with the promises of selling cheap vacations to the latest nutritional products I came across a company that for lack of a better description, just had a good feel to it. The products they sell are exactly the materials and education I needed to take on this goliath of a journey that I had set out on. But more impressive than the incredible products I could get my hands on were the PEOPLE. I was invited to one of their webinars to get a preview of the types of training I might receive if I were to invest in. Twenty minutes into the training I knew that this was where I wanted to be. Conducting the training that night was a million dollar Internet expert giving everyone on the call insider secrets that all the top earners use to create their tremendous incomes.

I spent a few days letting all the information set in since I’ve learned not to make decisions based on emotion. I spent the time doing searches on the Internet about the business and its members. Needless to say I saw what I wanted and jumped in like a puppy into a swimming pool not knowing just how deep it is.

I went right to work taking in all the live training webinars and even the recorded trainings located in the back office. I signed up for my merchant accounts, secured my domain and opened my store. I had the great fortune to run across a gentleman named Dwayne Golden who teaches new and old comers how to master internet strategies and the how tos of networking on the internet. In 3 weeks my eyes have been opened to so many things and I’ve made some great strides toward achieving financial success through my Internet business.

At this time my focus is on the next 3 weeks.

Yours in Success,

Todd Marshall




Wholesale Dealers – Find Out Why Selling Seasonal Products is Always a Profitable Investment

The industry of e-commerce continues to generate countless of profits for more sellers and re-sellers who invest in it. Who would have thought that seasonal products are worth investing? After all, it is during the season of Thanksgiving to New Year that auction sites such as eBay get the most number of sales in a given year. Looking at Christmas, this is when most shoppers around the world buy countless gifts online. In fact, there is even an application now that allows people to come up with their PayPal wish list, Christmas gift lists and Holidays celebration supplies list.

With all the holiday celebrations preparations that everyone has to accomplish, the idea of buying their gifts and supplies online is becoming a top option for most people. Imagine they will not have to contend with the black Friday mob or the crowded malls and bazaars. With just one click of a their mouse at the comfort of their own homes, they can buy whatever they need without worrying for parking space.

If you look at last year’s trends, then you will be able to at least predict where the market is heading for holidays 2009. Observe what items were bestsellers from last year’s holidays then combine this list with the new releases from this year to spice up variety to the buyers’ options. The important thing about selling seasonal items is getting ahead of the competition. You have to be able to offer these items ahead or at least before any of the scheduled holidays.

Some items that sell hot like pancakes during the holidays are Christmas or Santa related items. This list includes Christmas decorations such as tree ornaments, wreaths, candles, gift tags, Christmas wrappers, stockings, candies and even Christmas themed kitchen items. Before Easter, try selling baskets, eggs, decorate your own easter eggs/basket kits, or accessories such as bunny headbands and rabbit costumes. For Fathers or Mothers Day, offer cards, flowers, chocolates or jewelry items with names. For Fourth of July, sell liberty plates, American flag buttons and historic memorabilia items. For Halloween, offer stickers, face paint for costumes, trick or treat accessories such as devil’s pitch fork, capes, pumpkin baskets, headbands, scary masks and many more. For Valentine’s Day, anything with a heart, anything red or anything themed with love, this is a long list of all possible items for sale, not to mention flowers, cards, chocolates and even jewelry items. Of course for New Year’s eve, make bottles of wine, firecrackers and desk, pocket, digital or wall calendars available.

At SaleHoo, there is a long list of reliable and credible dropshipping companies listed. If you are not satisfied with the list, SaleHoo offers assistance in locating the suppliers that will fit your needs.

Your Hobby, Your Job? Starting The Right Business For Happiness and Success

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve already decided that you would like to own your own business, right? This is most likely your first real attempt at self-employment. 65 percent of the business owners out there are first-time owners. Almost 70 percent of new businesses are started from scratch by someone like you.

You probably also have an idea of the type of business you want to start. Keep in mind; some people make bad choices when choosing their business. They only look at the moneymaking side of it. Now I realize, we all want the money, but doesn’t your happiness matter too? Remember, this is your real life, not a fantasy.

Let’s say there are millions of dollars to be made in the paper industry. Let’s say it’s an easy business to get into. I will tell you right now, if you don’t love the paper industry, you will probably fail, regardless of how easy it is, or how much money you can earn. Doesn’t it just make more sense when choosing a new livelihood to choose something you enjoy doing?

There are many business start-up books which suggest not look at your hobbies as a business choice; I strongly disagree. If you can’t wait until you have time off to do the things you enjoy, don’t you think you would enjoy working more if you were doing those things as your job? Now keep in mind, when looking at your hobby as a potential business venture, there is one concern; spending all of your income and profits on your own hobby. Why aren’t cocaine dealers rich? Because they blow all their profits! Do you get what I’m saying? No, I’m not suggesting you take up cocaine dealing; just be careful that you don’t use up your income and profits for a fun time with your hobby before you’ve taken care of business and personal household needs.

A business can be cheap and simple, or complicated and expensive to start-up. If you like the outdoors, it could be as simple as buying a mower, edger, and blower and starting a gardening business. You could go out and buy a small flatbed trailer and haul gravel, decorative rock, or topsoil to people’s homes. Buy a chainsaw and cut down trees. Buy a vacuum, mop, and some cleansers and start a housekeeping service. There are many options for someone with little to invest. Most of the big companies you know of started out very small.

Here are some tips to help you pick your business. First, get your paper out and be prepared to take some notes. Then make a list of your hobbies and interests; things you enjoy doing. Under each one, list all the possible ways to make money with that hobby. Here is an example of what a list should look like:


*Operate a golf course

*Build golf clubs

*Teach golf

*Sell golf equipment

*Operate a driving range

*Open a pro-shop


*Board horses

*Rent horses for trail rides

*Tack and supply store

*Feed store

*Train horses

*Teach riding

I realize there are many more ways to make money off each of these lists; these are just examples. Spend at least a week letting your mind wander and keep your list with you at all times. You will be surprised at what you come up with on your list. Once your list is complete, look through it for any expertise you may have in any one field.

You’re always better off with more knowledge than the next guy. Some of the categories on your list might need more education to pursue; and education never hurt anyone. You don’t want to lose this opportunity by rushing into something before you’re fully prepared.